After-school programs, internships, summer programs…

After-school programs, internships, summer programs and other enrichment opportunities play vital roles in every child’s educational success and contribute to a child’s healthy development. Introducing youth to new programs encourages their curiosity and opens many doors of learning. Schools, businesses, community organizations, non-profits, places of worship and others provide opportunities to enhance children’s academic knowledge as well as foster their social and emotional growth. Education promotes enlightenment, leads to career progression, builds character, and helps a nation progress.


Opportunities4Atlanta.com is a community-enabling website…

inpostOpportunities4Atlanta.com is a community-enabling website intended to promote enrichment programs for our youth, exposing every child in Atlanta to programs that are designed to boost their education, talents while providing fun, unforgettable experiences.

This page is the idea and effort of Atlanta City Councilmember Andre Dickens of Post 3 at-Large, who grew up in Atlanta Public Schools and attended numerous summer and after school programs as a youth.


Summer programs

Summer programs are offered in a variety ranging from day camps to overnight camps. “The City of Atlanta is promoting a clean park initiative; with this initiative it is our goal for children of all ages to have a better, safer outdoor experience. This goal is tied in with all outdoor summer camp programs to give children the best possible camp experience to help them learn, grow, and develop”, says Corliss Davenport of the Parks and Recreation Department in the city of Atlanta. Summer programs throughout Atlanta meet a diverse cross-section of interests. For example, art camps, music camps, sports camps, religious camps and others are provided every summer in Atlanta. Our website is also conscious of every budget and age.

After school programs

Well-structured after school programs expand the learning time for students, provide opportunities or collaboration with the community in a safe environment. After school programs may also help children become well-rounded through exposure to diverse cultural activities. For example, a child may go to a free jazz concert in the park or an exhibit at the museum with his or her school. Knox Phillips, an assistant principal at Sequoia middle school, says “After school programs provide students with an opportunity to work on building skills in a smaller setting that allows for them to garner more one on one attention”.


In today’s job market, employers are looking for students who have held internships or co-ops during their collegiate experience. Internships can help students identify career paths and build connections within a career field. Gaining a “real world” perspective on a career is essential and we want to insure every child in Atlanta is working towards achieving a distinguished academic resume. It begins with awareness. Opportunities4Atlantans.com will provide students additional connectivity to understand existing options.

We want to bring recognition to the variety of educational programs available for every Atlantan, whether it is an after school program, summer program, college prep seminar, internship, etc. We want all of Atlanta’s youth to be able to access the countless educational opportunities available to them.